By the time you read this, Earth as the history books may have taught you, is probably a long lost planet where mankind has its origin story.

I was one of the people that set off on a mission to find a habitable planet for mankind, where we can create a new home. Generations ago, people were forced to leave planet Earth to give the planet and its biome space and time to heal. Healing from all the pain the human race has caused. Wars, global warming, resource gathering, all and more has contributed to the planet’s decay. About 98 percent of the total population has left the planet to give the planet time without the ‘poisonous’ actions of humans in a last effort to save the planet. I wonder if the remaining 2 percent has survived on this dying planet.

Multiple space stations were launched from Earth, towards every possible trajectory in the universe, in the hope of finding another world where mankind could have a do-over, a second chance. From these large ‘mother-ships’ small spacecrafts were launched even further into space to have the most chance of finding anything. The people that volunteered for these ships were put in cryochambers to be in a healthy state once the spacecraft would arrive in the vicinity of these possible candidates.

My name is Flo, and this is my logbook.