Log entry #00006 – Earth date 2916.08.12

Log entry #00006 – Earth date 2916.08.12

Well, the fact that I’m writing this indicates I’m still alive…

I heard loud, rambling noises while going through the atmosphere. It also sounded like parts were coming off my ship. Everything after that I actually don’t remember. The last thing I remember is blacking out when my ship started spiraling out of control in the descent towards the planets surface. I woke up next to my ship, cuts and bruises included. Apparently I managed to climb out, since the cockpit entry is still intact.

My improvised repairs seem to have helped during the atmosphere entry: my ship still looks like a ship. The repairs however, were nowhere to be found anymore. The hole in the Launch Thrusters was twice as big as it was back in space.

A small damage report:
– Launch Thrusters: Critically Damaged.
– Pulse Engine: Critically Damaged.
– Multitool (AMSAK): Partly functioning.
– Brain: Intact.
– Heart: Racing.

My ship is going to need a lot of work, I’m going to need a lot of resources to get it back up and running, or rather flying, again. The scanner of my AMSAK is damaged, fortunately the resource miner function is still intact. To get my systems operational I’m going to need a lot of Carite Sheets, I can make these if I can get my hands on some iron. Besides these sheets, I’m going to need a few different resources such as heridium, carbon and zinc. When I eventually fix all my systems, I’m going to need to supply them with fuel as well.

First thing on my list of objectives is to go and try to fix my scanner. Fixing my scanner will allow me to scan for resources in my vicinity. It will make repairing my ship a lot easier. There is a huge cave right next to my crash site, hopefully I will find what I need in there.

I’m writing this while I’m catching my breath and gathering my thoughts. What a journey it has already been, and it has only just begun. Time to get going!

Oh I almost forgot, I managed to fix my image feed. Enclosed is a picture of my ship’s crash site.

Godspeed, Flo.

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