Log entry #00005 – Earth date 2916.08.09

Log entry #00005 – Earth date 2916.08.09

Remember me writing about having two choices regarding the jettisoning of the cryopod? The time has come to decide: either I won’t have an option to return back home, or I will have extra risks when I enter the atmosphere of the first planet on my journey.

During the past two weeks I’ve come to a conclusion. Thinking about why I left the mother ship in the first place I realized that the place I called home wasn’t actually my home anymore. It stopped being my home when my dad left. What is home for me right now?

When I think about it I guess I had three homes on the mother ship. I grew up in the mother ship called The Frontier, this was the only place I have ever been until I set foot on this ship. My first home was along side my dog. When he passed away of old age, my home was with my dad. He had always been away a lot, but when he saw I had a tough time dealing with the loss of Woof, he was there for me. Then there was my home with Aurora. My dad had asked Aurora to look after me when he was out on explorer missions to nearby planets.

As I grew older he went on more and more missions, to the point where Aurora was basically my surrogate parent. I started living with Aurora. It was easier to be at her place than it was to be at our own house, because of all the memories I had there. Despite being very fond of Aurora, I still felt I needed to follow in the footsteps of my dad and become a Pathfinder myself. I just need to know why he went on this journey.

I guess home for me nowadays is wherever I am with the species I love, whether those are people, dogs or something else.

Since I can now safely say that I don’t want to return to The Frontier, it left me with only the other option: Jettison the cryopod and prepare my ship as best I could. I used my AMSAK to gather some materials from the damaged cryopod. Part of it I used to repair the image/video feed. Unfortunately I can’t completely repair the technology as I need some resources that I don’t have on my ship. The rest of the resources I’ve used to strengthen the hull of my ship. Most of it went to the smashed exterior of where the debris hit.

I can see my destination planet in the distance when I look out the window of my cockpit. I wonder what there is to find. It’s still too far away to make assumptions about the possible flora, fauna or climate. To be fairly honest, I have little faith that my ship will pull through entering the atmosphere. I guess if and when this logbook is ever found, you will already know if I made it or not. If there are any more log entries after this, I’m still out there somewhere!

I don’t know where I will end up, but I know I will make a home for myself, somewhere, eventually.

Godspeed, Flo.

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