Log entry #00004 – Earth date 2916.08.06

Log entry #00004 – Earth date 2916.08.06

Good and bad news. The good news; it seems that I will be able to fix my image/video feed if I can get my hands on some resources when I land. The bad news; I probably won’t be able to land…

Remember the wobbling I was talking about in my last log entry? Turns out the launch thrusters were damaged. The launch thrusters not only take care of take-off, but also landing the ship. When I opened up the outer hatches of the cryopod it exposed the exterior of the ship itself. Apparently the cryopod is actually useful when damaged. I wouldn’t be able to access that part of the launch thrusters without going out for a space walk without the cryopod.

When checking out the thrusters, I noticed there was a large rock of some sort lodged in the propulsion system rendering it useless. I had to use my AMSAK as a lever to get the rock out of there. The rock seems to be made from iron. Maybe I can use this to fix the hull of the ship.

My body needed a rest from the physical labour, so I tried to make a start on my research. I’ve been reading through my history books and taking note of the various species of life that have existed on Earth. Reptiles, amphibians, there were even giant things with claws we called dinosaurs, what the hell is that about… I certainly hope space-dinosaurs don’t exist.

In the mother ship the temperature was regulated at 22.5 degrees Celsius. In my own ship the temperature is somewhere between 15 and 25 degrees, depending on the outside influences. On earth apparently the lowest temperature ever recorded was 56.7 C, the lowest temperature was -89.2 C.

The weather types and storms: rain, snow, hail, thunderstorms, hurricanes, typhoons, heatwaves, floods, acid rain. I’m starting to think maybe it wasn’t all that great to live on Earth! I’ve seen a lot of pictures of beaches, people seemed to enjoy themselves there. Please let there only be warm beaches with friendly space-dogs. That would sound like a nice place to bring mankind.

The flora on Earth was interesting. The oxygen humans used to breath was created through photosynthesis. Basically trees, algae and other plants absorbed light-energy and turned water and carbon dioxide into sugar and oxygen. We just use machines to produce oxygen on the ships, even our suits are fitted with these machines. I wonder if there are planets out there where it’s possible to breath without my exosuit..

Time to get some rest so I can use the last few days of my trip to try and get my ship ready-ish for landing on an unknown planet a shitload of light-years away from home, sounds fun..

Godspeed, Flo.

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