Log entry #00003 – Earth date 2916.08.02

Log entry #00003 – Earth date 2916.08.02

Right, I’m kind of clueless on where to begin my research actually. Due to the communication cut-off I’m faced with a bit of a challenge. Normally, a detailed report would have been transmitted to my ship a day before arrival, containing all information since my departure over 50 years ago, including updated data from other Pathfinders. However, since the debris accident, I never received these reports.

Since I wasn’t born on any planet, all I have are memories from bedtime stories told by my father and a history book about planet Earth from before mankind’s departure from that planet. Every Pathfinder was allowed to bring one box of personal items.

Since I crave knowledge and have always been fascinated by the planet where we originate from, this book along with other history books were amongst my items. As I look through the rest of my personal box I see the picture of my childhood dog called Woof. Wow, I miss that old buddy. Other items in my box consisted of an old music player with an antique USB drive and a pendant that belonged to my mother. She died giving birth to me.

I’ve always found the pendant to be quite beautiful and mysterious. I know it was important to my mother. A good friend of my mother gave me an envelope on my 12th birthday. The envelope contained this pendant along with a letter from my mother. The pendant had the form of a stretched out diamond, entirely made out of glass. The short sides of the pendant appear to be filthy, but I think it was made darkened intentionally. Inside the glas is some kind of fuzzy ball which appears to be moving ever so slightly. I still haven’t read the letter that came along with it, I’m afraid of what I will say.

I have never known my mother and my father left me when I was 8 years old. I never understood why he left at that time, but growing up and talking to old friends of my parents I came to believe that he couldn’t cope with the loss of my mother. He left me with the woman who gave me the pendant, Aurora. Aurora raised me from until I was fourteen.

With both of my parents gone and not really having any family and friends aside from Aurora, I made the decision to join the BOC and become a Pathfinder as soon as I turned fourteen. Fourteen is both the minimum and maximum age to be selected as a Pathfinder recruit. The long training and years of cryostate require a young mind. Becoming a Pathfinder will help my species, and I think part of me wants to follow the road that my father took. I wanted to try and find out what he must have gone through and what he might have discovered in his journeys.

I guess opening my personal box got me thinking about a lot of stuff except research into what I might find on my first planet. While writing this log entry I noticed a lot of wobbling in my ship. I thought it would pass by the time I finished writing this, but it hasn’t improved since. I’m going to have to check that out.

Godspeed, Flo.

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