Log entry #00002 – Earth date 2916.07.29

Log entry #00002 – Earth date 2916.07.29

The past few days I’ve been keeping myself busy with all kinds of medical affairs. The most important one, of course, is my own body. Awaking from the cryostate I was in, hurts body and mind. Brain freeze, but a bit too literal for my taste.

Since the cryochamber isn’t functional I had to think of another solution to give my body the right conditions to start regaining my fortitude. Fortunately, my suit is equipped with a number of goodies, the most beneficial being the temperature regulation system. This allows a Pathfinder to get out of his ship to explore on foot, no matter what the outdoor temperature is. The suit can withstand both freezing and scorching temperatures for uncertain amounts of time (this has never been tested in real situations). I had set up the suit in such a way that my body warmth would slowly built back up to normal temperatures.

The suit also has its own gravity system. This allows me to walk and exercise without zero, low or high gravity issues. This system was designed to take into account the different gravity fields of planets in space and supposedly works in all environments.

I’m building up my muscle strength as much as I can until I reach my destination. Since I don’t have a lot of room in my ship I’m stuck to doing sit-ups, crunches and the likes. I never thought that I would say that I’d like to have a treadmill.

Besides getting my own body back into shape, there’s another body which needs to be in perfect health, my ship. The debris that impacted my ship ruined the cryopod beyond repair. I’ve been contemplating my next moves, as this next choice will essentially determine the outcome of my life. I have two choices:

  1. I jettison the cryopod and don’t have any way to survive the long journey back home, but the rest of my ship stays in perfect health.
  2. I don’t jettison the cryopod and I take a big risk when going through the atmosphere on my destination planet and possibly turn into a shooting star (read: turn into a tiny ball of fire shooting through the sky).

Luckily, I have a bit more time to figure out what to do.

Next to the medical affairs, I’ve also been checking my inventory and available gear. It doesn’t seem like any of my gear is missing. It may sound like I have a lot of gear, but I actually don’t. Standard mission equipment consists of 1 Pathfinder spacesuit, 1 jetpack, which also serves as a backpack, and 1 standard issue multitool.

It’s called a standard issue multitool, but this tool is pretty much my lifeline. The multitool is basically the automated MacGyver Swiss army knife (let’s call it AMSAK) of our time. I bet there is someone out there that understands my reference to an ancient television series of centuries ago. AMSAK is capable of scanning for lifeforms/resources, mining these resources and it can also be used for defensive purposes (blow the aliens to smithereens, if needed).

The following days I will be conducting some research into the climates and biomes of the planets I might encounter once I reach my destination.

Godspeed, Flo

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