Log entry #00001 – Earth date 2916.07.26

Log entry #00001 - Earth date 2916.07.26

Hello, my name is Flo. 

I’m writing this log the old-school way because my ship’s communication and time systems are inoperable. If this logbook is ever to be found, people will know what has happened and what I’ve discovered on my journey.

This is Log entry #00001 - Earth date 2916.07.26. This is the only date I know, my watch has run out of battery on my long journey here. Once it's charged I won't be able to synchronize my watch with my ship’s time systems until I get these systems back online. Besides, who knows how to keep track of time out here, I would mostly use my watch to keep some sense of back home.

The start of my day was awesome. Blinking lights, loud noises were all around me, I was terribly cold as well. The noises were agitating my abruptly awoken mind. I was stuck, I was in the cryo-chamber and the doors were not opening. When the doors didn’t automatically open, which they should have if my journey went according to plan, I assumed things have gone south (yeah I know, south in space…?). I removed the safety harness in which I was strapped and desperately tried to get to the emergency door button, I was freezing my crown jewels off. My muscles were aching from the years in the cryo-chamber. When a cryo-chamber properly functions it slowly builds up the temperature which makes the awakening process a whole lot easier. I’m going to have to do some rehabilitation to get my body back in a healthy state.

I worked my way through the small corridor towards the main part of the ship (which is basically just the cockpit). As I’m making my way towards the cockpit I turned around to look back at the cryo-pod; it’s ruined. Right away I can imagine the headline for tomorrow: “Black Ocean Pathfinder unable to continue into deep space after critical damage to spaceship”. Black Ocean Confederation is the government company that was formed by the Global Governments to lead the human race on their space endeavors. Pathfinder is what they call the people that go on a one way trip, such as myself.

When checking the health reports from the sensors of my ship I found out that some space debris, which the auto-pilot could not avoid, had smashed into the part of the ship where the cryo-pod is located. This caused me waking up 14 days earlier then originally planned. It also seems I’m not able to establish communications with anyone else. I guess I’m on my own until I can get my hands on some supplies to repair the communication systems.

It is a weird feeling to be so far away from all things human. I feel alone, but I also feel invigorated. Just by looking around in the black ocean that is right outside, with the endless beauties of all the different suns and galaxies, I have this feeling that my loneliness is not going to last forever. Somewhere, life is bound to happen. After all, humans happened…

I’m signing off for now. I will have plenty more time in the next 14 days. Let’s hope there are no more surprises along the way.

Godspeed, Flo

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